Garden at night, pink flowers, 2011

Skate park, storm, 2014

Red, pink and orange flower, 2018

Windows, fire escapes, 2009

59th street subway station, newspaper, 2009

Fence, marble and parasol pine, Rome, 2015

Yellow plate, infusion, flower, 2021

Crane metal ladder, 2021

Pink moon, red, 2021

Red and purple reflections, church, 2021

Parking garage, neon, Manhattan, 2011

Fall, concrete, 2019

Blue shirt on a tree, Brussels, 2021

Strip of light, 5th Avenue, 2012

Compressed trash, 2021

Metal and violet straps, 2021

Reef in blue and purple, current, 2021

Wall burn, South of France, 2018

Highway (warm dusk), 2020; Highway (three trees in green), 2021

Chain, green fence, mountain, 2019

Pink towel, windows, Spain, 2019

Extinct fire, olive tree, seaside, 2019

Stars, pink and orange, 2017

Skater, wound, 2011

Man in subway, New York 2012

Street corner, yellow and blue, palm tree (I and II), 2019

Yellow fabric, dry palm tree leaves, 2019

Veiled balcony, Barcelona, 2019

Tree, parking lot, blue, 2020

River bank, sand, 2019

Hands, sticker, 2013

Man sleeping in St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, 2009

Columns, black fence, 2019

Window shutters, morning sun, mountain village, 2019

Salt and pepper, red flowers, Morocco, 2019

Red fabric, clementines, 2019

White facade, blue sky, 2017

Concrete steps, lake, Italy, 2019

Terence Koh, window, New York, 2011

Two (curtains, balconies), 2019

Blue tower, spiral staircase, 2015

Ceiling fan, gold, 2019

Everything Forever I, 2020