Lucas, ocean, 2016

One's Island
2010 — ongoing

Initiated in 2010, “One’s Island” is a photography project focused on symbolizing youth’s disconnection with the rest of society through a constellation of contemplative vignettes, mapping together the territory of an illusory island.

The island enters in dialogue with portraits of adolescents as well as still lives, captured during my search for beauty in the most prosaic and ordinary places. Blending spontaneous capturing with composed cinematic tableaux, I juxtapose these scenes to the island landscapes to demonstrate that their strength is fully revealed in the presence of each other - as if layered on top of each other; connected by invisible seams.

The floating and ever-changing territory urges the viewer to experience a serene and silent introspection. Void of any human activity, the island’s landscapes are quiet, somber, transcendental or vertiginous. Their dense character is a direct answer to the complexity one faces in their mental wanderings. The island symbolises a state of remaining within one’s own boundaries, freed from any external influence.

'One's Island' reveals my sensitivity to the vulnerable and ambiguous period in which a teenager undergoes an exponential growth of experience while sensing the weight of the world on their shoulders. Comparably, the locations in which I capture my subjects crystallize the very idea of the interval within the landscape,  such as vacant lots in the city, ethereal nocturnal boulevards or isolated skate parks or beaches.

The photographic project was complimented in 2018 by my first fiction film, 'JULIAN' (28'45''), investigating the same subject-matter.

Presented here is a selection of the series.

Island, moonlight, 2018

Forest fire, 2019

Boy running, forest, 2019

Stitches, 2013

Marcel, 2011

White flag, 2018

Bus stop, green, 2015

Alex, snow, 2011

Climbing, gardens, 2014

Green shirt, beach, 2018

Car, tail light, 2017

Storm, mountains, 2019

Django sleeping, purple, 2018

Stars, purple, 2018

Silhouettes, orange sparks, 2010

Ceiling fan, green, 2018

Malorie, red fabric, 2014

Two islands, white, 2019

Candle, empty glass, 2019

Steve, gold necklace, 2018

Boy, wooden stick, ocean, 2019

Garden, stars, 2018

Eva, la mythologie, 2014

Lucas, 2015

Basketball court, beach, 2014

Taras, statue, 2011

Black sand, rocks, 2018

Ondine, diner, 2012

Omar, cherry, 2016

Forest, blue, 2020

Red car, rain, 2018

River, tree reflection, 2017

Horse, red and blue, 2019

Cyprien, 2018

Police cars, fire, 2012

Bench, towel, 2017

Stefani, blue lake, 2019

Upside down skatepark, 2020

Terence, profile, 2018; 

Columns, white truck, 2018

Archangel Michael, blue neon, 2019

Palm tree, spines, 2018

Elias, bedroom, green shirt, 2018

Lucie, café, roses, 2018

Island, lake, rain, 2018

Mistral by the lake, 2018

Graffitied house, mountain, road, 2019

Palm tree at night, 2019

Boy, yellow t-shirt, skatepark, 2009

Stars, passing clouds, 2018

Young man running, sparkles, 2010

Island, fog, 2008

Jump, cliff, 2009