Maxime Fauconnier

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"In Our Veins Flow Ink and Fire"
Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi, India
December 12, 2022 — April 10, 2023

"The Beginning of Anything", 2022
Found footage film, 25'15'', color, stereo, 16:9, 30 fps

Filmed by people all over the world, a fog appears.

Concept: Maxime Fauconnier
Story: Maxime Fauconnier & Romain Waterlot
Image editing: Romain Waterlot
Sound editing & mixing: Pierre-Nicolas Blandin
Graphic visuals: Iona Haas

"Titre: Sans Titre"
Caroline Van den Eynden & Amis
DMW Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

September 17, 2022 — November 10, 2022

"Titre: Sans Titre" is an exhibition commemorating Caroline Van den Eynden, as a person, friend, family member and artist.