Credit photo 1: USC Digital Library
Credit photo 2: Las Vegas News Bureau
Credit photo 3: WEIBO

Bomb Sunrise
2015 — ongoing

From 1951 to 1992, nearly a thousand nuclear tests were conducted in the Nevada desert. The light emitted from the atmospheric tests, creating colossal mushroom clouds, regularly turned night into day for the nearby cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The largest of these tests, conducted on March 7, 1955, illuminated Los Angeles for twenty seconds, creating what journalists at the time called a "premature dawn."

In 2015, the Chinese city of Nanjing was shrouded in a magenta haze, caused by a combination of sunlight and unusually thick smog pollution. Images of colored skyscrapers, parks and boulevards circulated for weeks on social media.

The images of "Bomb Sunrise" show an almost metaphysical contemplation at the center of a chaos caused by an inexplicable threat. Witnessing the disruption created by a change in the color of the world around them, the subjects seem to seek for an explanation; a passage.

Presented here is a selection of the series.

Untitled (falling stars)

Untitled (cloud I)

Untitled (Lucas, pink)

Untitled (cloud II)

Untitled (man, sky)

Untitled (wall, drips)

Untitled (leaf, water droplets)

Untitled (red light, shoe)

Untitled (forest)

Untitled (lake)

Untitled (swan)