Garden, Rome, 2015

All this dust between you and me
2015 — ongoing

“All this dust between you and me” is a photography series studying one’s distancing from their environment due to mental health struggles. The captured out-of-focus scenes, ranging from delicate still lives to imposing landscapes, convey this removal while striving to reach a vivid painterly-like quality.

Pink flowers at night, Brussels, 2020

Mercury, Paris, 2017

Tower, Oostende, 2019

Palm tree, circle, Indonesia, 2018

Two boys digging in the sand, Oostende, 2020

Jesus, two candles, Barcelona, 2019

City door, Bergamo, 2019

Orange trees, Fornalutx, 2019

Boat, garden, Spain, 2019

McDonald's drive thru, Brooklyn, 2011

Coast, street lamp, Porto, 2017

Fruit, Indonesia, 2018

Night shop, Brussels, 2018

Bike, forest road, Belgium, 2019

Mountain, trees, fence, Deia, 2014

Vending machine, Indonesia, 2018

Flowers, purple, Brittany, 2017

5th Avenue, New York, 2011

Park, Rome, 2015

Wave, Belgium, 2014